CONTEXT, Management Consulting Organization for Hotel & Resort since 1993 continuously carry out  the activity of Management Consulting  and Professional Training for the Tourism and Hotels industry, working with its employees and / or consultants throughout the entire  country. Employees and Consultants Management operate within the Italian Professionals Law 4/01/13 and in accordance with the following Ethical Code of Mission consits of

  1. Provide through Management Consulting, the Management Technical Knowledge to People and organizations so that they can get from the Business Management the most profit;
  1. Management of Hotel and Tourist Facilities;
  1. Management of Commercial Affairs related to Tourist and Hospitality industry;
  1. Feasibility Studies for Restructuring and / or buildings of new Tourist and Restaurant activities;
  1. Research and Professional Training related to Tourist and Hospitality industry;
  1. Administration, Control and Management Cost Analysis, Market Research related to Tourist and Hospitality industry;
  1. Planning, Assistance and Preparation for Quality Audit.


Foreword Employees and Consultants Management ethic may have common and / or distinctive elements than other professions ethics.

Ethics expresses a value system, specific to each profession, which tends to produce identity and belonging and driving behaviors.

The object of the Professional Ethics concerns:

  1. Performance understood as process and as output;
  1. The relationship between employees / consultants;
  1. The relationship between employees / consultants and the organizational system customer;
  1. Relationships with Stakeholders;
  1. The internal reports to Ethical Code of  Conduct contains guidance on the principles of ethics and professional conduct to follow; Employees and Consultants are required to comply with this Code of as follows; failure to comply the Code will result in the application of sanctions and actions planned by Internal supervisors organs.

Paragraph 1. General Rules

a) Employees and Consultants undertake to read and subscribe the Ethical Code of Conduct;

b) Employees and Consultants undertake to respect the Ethical Code of Conduct, ensuring that their behavior will correspond to it;

c) Employees and Consultants undertake to know and apply the related national and international rules and to standardize as much as possible their activities to the rules contents;

d) Employees and Consultants are committed to undergo themselves to the judgment of the internal supervisors Organs regarding  the conduct evaluation, should it appear contrasts between that conduct and the principles contained in this Code;

e) Employees and Consultants must follow the Professional Ethics rules emanated by the company and in cases not expressly covered they must safeguard the Ethical Code by their behaviors;

f) In the performance of the accepted tasks, Employee and Consultant keeps the requirements of independence, dignity and objectivity, considered essential for the professional business consulting and care, when is possible, also that his colleagues do the same;

g) Employees and Consultants undertake to avoid any discriminatory form about age, race, sex, religion, nationality, opinion, thought and each abuse of their job role;

h) Employees and Consultants must operate in compliance with the assumed customer  assignment, in order to meet each other’s expectations, declared and agreed.

Paragraph 2. Ability awareness

a) Employee and Consultant only accept assignments for which he feel himself adequate and competent;

b) Employee and Consultant must to notify to the Customer any circumstances that prevents his performance and, where possible, direct the customer towards alternatives consultations.

Paragraph 3. Professional Updating and Training

a) Employee and Consultant must constantly update his professional skills increasing his knowledge with particular reference to the Business Consulting’s activities and the General Management Techniques;

b) Employee and Consultant is required to participate in courses for training and updating related to General Management Consulting professional skills, within Italian Professionals Law 4/01/13;

Paragraph 4. Profession Execution and Professional Independence

a) Employee and Consultant must carry out their duties with honesty and integrity toward the Client and / or any other involved;

b) Employee and Consultant during his professional performance must preserve his independent judgment, technical and intellectual and defend it from any kind of external influences;

c) Employee and Consultant commits himself  to avoid providing professional services to Clients when such services are contrary to Laws, and is committed to maintaining high dignity of the profession and avoid even the appearance of dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or behaviors not in line with this Code.

Paragraph 5. Professional Secrecy

a) All information regarding the activities customers, acquired during the professional performance, are to be treated as confidential and covered by professional secrecy and shall not be disclosed and used for the benefit of third parties except with the specific authorization of the customer;

b) Contemporaries consultant assignments of same kind, in the same place, for customers between their competitors, can not be accepted without informing the involved parties;

c) Confidential information received even occasionally can not be disclosed;

d) enforces its Employees and Consultants to respect and duty of confidentiality in any title, toward selfsame;

e) During the counseling relationship Employees and Consultants will guarantee the integrity and preservation of data and documents made available on any kind of support;

f) The information concerning the personal data known during the Consulting activity will be kept confidential by Employees and Consultants even after the conclusion of counseling relationship within the limits of the current legislation.

Paragraph 6. Customer Protection

a) Employees and Consultants are committed to submit to the customer, offer of cooperation in which they treated all the technical and economic elements constituting the professional performance, that will be used to draw up the contract.

b) Are inhibited to Employee and Consultant job proposals to the Customer employees.  Any candidacy as spontaneous responses to served ads will be evaluated each time according to the general rules of propriety;

c) The Consulting assignment, whatever the contract form is, founded on trust and must comply with the principle of specific professionalism;

d) Any change in the terms and limits that can change the original stipulations of the Assignment will  be communicated by the Employee and / or Consultant to the Customer, in order to obtain explicit consent for the prefessional relationship continuation, in compliance to conditions and compensation;

e) Employees and Consultants are required to abstain from performing professional activity when he has his own account or for third parties, an interest in conflict with that of the customer in terms that could affect the proper performance;

f) Employee and Consultant does not accept commissions or payments of any kind from suppliers of goods and services recommended to the Customer;

e) Employee and Consultant refuse consulting assignments involving illegal and illegitimate operations; 

Paragraph 7. Obtaining of the assignment Employees and Consultants are inhibited to lavish commissions or payments of any kind to third parties, aimed at obtaining professional assignments.

Paragraph 8. Penalities

In cases is alerted of prejudicial conduct to this Ethical Code of Conduct of Employee and / or Consultant behaviors not in accordance with the rules of law, the warnings acquired will be transmitted to the internal Supervisory Board as evidence of the violation.  The infractions will be notified within thirty days from the warning. Then the Board will be investigate to verify the culpability and if the violation is confirmed,  will make provision of penalty based on the severity of the behavior as follow:

a) Censorship by the internal Supervisory Board’s, in writing and motivated;

b) Suspension of activities at for a period not less than six months and not more than eighteen months;

c) Expulsion and / or dismissal from the Company s.r.l..

The penalties referred to in paragraphs a) and b) may be taken in any case, including joint between them.


This Ethical Code of  Conduct enter into force in May 2015.

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